Every year for the last several years, I've designed and edited (and partly written) a daily convention newsletter for the Norwescon science fiction convention. I've also done newsletter work for other conventions, and am putting them here too, just so that I've got a single page with links to everything. One of these days I'll actually get older ones posted, but for now, have the most recent few.


 [Dirty. Little. SECRETS]

Dirty. Little. SECRETS - a nasty little tabloid with no sense of conscience whatsoever, and Newspaper of Record for the 32nd Norwescon, 2009. Notible for being the first folded 'zine I've done (or Norwescon has had), a format I arranged solely in order to have a Page 3. Also notible for having Friday's issue - sadly not online as I don't have access to the PDF - done by another convention staffer, as I I got a brutal case of food poisoning on Thursday, and spent the entire day sick enough that they eventually called paramedics. I really, really like the first issue I did; I think this could've been one of my best. Sadly, it wasn't, thanks to my being in rather shaky recovery all weekend. Still, it wasn't bad, and people loved the format.



STOMP - newsletter of the Cascadian Mecha Militia Dance Dance Revolution Demonstration Team, and also of the 31st Norwescon. Actually a sekrit continuation of the 2005 NASFiC newsletter's world, which was a sekrit continuation of the 1999 Norwescon newsletter's world.


 [Run, RUNNER!]

Run, RUNNER! - newsletter of the 30th Norwescon. Run, RUNNER! had the unprinted motto of "Pounding the last nail into the last coffin of '70s futurism."



RUN!!, the Norwescon 29 newsletter with its variable number of exclamation points, included the vanishingly rare Saturerday Afternoon Edition, mostly because people submitted a remarkably high number of submissions. I'm quite fond of this one, I think it came out well, and was a strange case of working with, rather than against, the convention theme.



FaxCascadia: Newsletter of the 2005 NASFiC in Seattle, Washington. A revival of a previous Norwescon daily newsletter - normally I don't repeat myself, but in this case it made too much sense and was for a new crowd - all the jokes in the first version became established historical facts for the new version, which is why the Republic of Cascadia has Constitutional mandates for sex-worker subsidies and a national song entitled "Yank my Doodle, It's a Dandy."